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    Thank you for visiting, a former computer service company in downtown Toronto.

    From 1998 to 2011, I proudly serviced clients around Toronto who came from various backgrounds and classes. While my stated prices were $60/hour, I often accepted compromises that ensured that people who relied on their computer could keep their lively hood without making huge sacrifices. As a side-effect, I built my customer base on word of mouth advertising; I often couldn't afford anything else.

    One person I worked with described fixing computers for people as being like a rock star on stage – people simply like what computer technicians do! I've enjoyed the rewarding experience of helping people work with their computers, and I wish I could continue working with end-users.

    But things have changed.

    With the new direction that the Information Technology market has taken, I have made the difficult decision to stop offering computer services. In an age where it makes more sense to simply buy a new computer when anything happens to the old system, or where the Google Chromebook handles your basic word processing and spread sheet needs and where Microsoft provides a corporate office suite online, it's difficult to find new clients who will pay my rate (which, incidentally, was about half of Geeksquad's rates).

    In the coming days, this domain will be slowly turned into something new. I might make it a blog, or I might add information and teach people about their computers. I enjoyed "translating" between computer-to-human. I still love technology, even as the industry is running out of jobs for passionate IT workers. I enjoyed being an advocate for people, using my experiences as a phone support agent to wade through customer service representatives from other companies, or simply finding the best balance of needs to means to whatever was available.

    Thank you everyone for the honour for working with each of you. Thank you everybody for the honour of working with each of you, your understanding, and your support.

    Derek McCabe, August 2011

    Computer Specialist was a small company that exceled in upgrading, repairing and maintaining personal computers. We are knowledgeable with both Microsoft and Macintosh systems, as well as ways of integrating both systems.

    Computer Specialist support was available for home service and small offices. If you need support, I suggest trying your local highschool's computer club (which is where I got my start). Alternatively, try geeksquad or nerds on site.

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